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WhatsApp will remain useless if don't accept New Privacy Policy

WhatsApp has been announcing users to accept New Privacy Policy but many users didn't pay attention to these notifications, Now WhatsApp has clearly announced, What will happen if users don't accept its new privacy policy. Users are being worried about losing the WhatsApp account but this is not true you won't lose your account but you also unable to use all features in WhatsApp. after 15 May. 

Let See What change will take if you don't accept the New Privacy Policy of WhatsApp after the ultimatum date given by the company. The user who accepts already don't need to do anything, they can continue using their WhatsApp normally but still, many users haven't accepted New Privacy Policy, so they need to face some limit feature. WhatsApp will continue to send the notification until you accept it. During starting period WhatsApp will block all your chat and don't let you chat with your contact but you can make voice and video calls from notification. After that few weeks, you will stop getting even notifications from WhatsApp. You won't able to call and answer. WhatsApp will send you many countless notifications remainders to you, after that you have to accept the New Privacy Policy or They will prevent you from using WhatsApp.

The Accept notification will permanently be fixed there, this will pop up whenever you open any WhatsApp message or even WhatsApp app.

Download PUBG MOBILE 1.4 directly from store without downloading any other apps and apk

As you know now days there is many case where people are being attacked by Hacker just small software attached to any apps. This make risk of your data, so you can now download PUBG without any third party apps. Let read the full article....

In this article, I will show you how you can download PUBG 1.4 from the store directly without any apks. It means you can directly update if you have already downloaded PUBG. This process also doesn't need any VPN. Without VPN I will show you how you can download PUBG. Before that let discuss on new update on 1.4.

This update includes not only Godzilla and Kong update but also other update likes

- New Arena Maps

- New Cheer Park Weapons

- Titanic Dynamic Duo

- New Modes

PUBG MOBILE 1.4 is released for all android and IOS users with Godzilla vs Kong. This version including many new features which will provide player more refreshing battle to play. As previously this time also server won't get down and play the game without Lag from the server. If players download all updates they will get many rewards as usual but they only get these rewards if all the packages are downloaded before the 16th of May.

To install PUBG Mobile 1.4 directly from the store you need to 

- go to your mobile setting.

- There search for Region / Country / Origin, this setting is used to change your default country 

- There you will see India ( Default / System )

- Change it to another country and go to the store of your mobile phone, remember not a play store every mobile has its own native store also.

- Check there if  PUBG available, if not change to another country.

- Most of the phone support this process


If your phone doesn't have its own store you can use TapTap apps to install without APKs.

How to convert / publish Ms Words or Ms Office to PDF Offline

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a very useful format to share your file. This type of file can be open on most devices without any Third Party Software / Apps. You must have to work with Ms Office software. This is globally the most used software in the office, school, bank, colleges, home, etc. But sometimes we need to convert the file to Pdf, for that you must have used the online website to convert to pdf file. These websites are very useful but they have also some demerits like they can't convert Hindi Font to pdf directly. They first convert it to English / Roman font and then after to pdf file and that's the main problem we can't read that file because of altering letter. 


So, I am going to share with you how you can convert MS Office files to pdf without any issues, and exactly the format. It is very steps.

Steps    1    : Create/open the file 

Steps    2    :    Click on File Button

Steps    3    :    You will see Save As Button, Click it,

Steps    4    :    After that choose the location where you want to save that file, if you want

Steps    5    :    Enter the file name, if required, Just Below File name you will see the Save As Type

Steps    6    :    Click Save As Type Button then choose file format as PDF 

Steps    7    :    Click on the save button

Note:- This feature is built-in Ms Office 2010 and above but if you have Ms Office 2007, you need to install the add-on in your computer, Install