Protect Your Files With Password in MS Office Software

Sometimes you need more privacy for your document from being copied idea by another person. This article will show you you can protect your file with a password. Yes, Ms Office has a feature called "Protect Document under info section" Where you can put a password in your files in a very easy way. This is very useful when you are working in a group in an office, school, bank, home, etc. This feature is available to all software which includes in MS Office Package. 

I will show you the full step to protect your files ms office files 

Open ms office files 

Click on the File Tab menu

Click on Info

Find there Protect Document

After clicking there you will see Encrypt With Password

Click it and Enter your new password 

After entering the password it will ask you to reenter Password

After entering the new password again press the ok button

This action will set the password in your current document.

You need to save the files also after applying the password.

Next time you open it it will prompt you to enter the password, enter the correct password, and press ok it open.

Make sure you remember the password otherwise will not recover.

To remove password protection repeat the process but do not enter any password instead clean the filled password and press ok, this process will remove the password from the file.

You can watch my youtube video to understand better.

Protect Your Files With Password in MS Office Software || Encrypt your files

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