Create Custom Printable PDF Pages from PDF files with Chrome Print Dialog Box

 Create Custom Printable PDF Pages from PDF files with Chrome Print Dialog Box

Do you know you print the required pages in google chrome without a printer? This feature is called print in pdf. We can make a separate file with selected pages only in chrome.  Let see how it works.

Open the pdf.

You can see that there are 9 pages in this pdf.  Suppose that we only want to print random pages but not all. You have shortlisted it and then print it, but it requires some time.  It saves our pages also.

Suppose that we want to print pages like 1, 3, 5, 7, 2, 9 only. No matter when you type number serial or random it will arrange according to ascending order.  

First click on the print icon

The print dialog will appear with the printer name if you have installed the printer and must active, otherwise, it shows you supported pdf software. 

As you see there are some programs that can print it, but need to save it again with only some pages which are required so we select the "Save as PDF" option and input the page numbers there.

You must choose the custom option and enter pages number separated by commas.

Then after click the save button and select the destination to save. I am saving it on the desktop.

As you can see that these files have only 6 pages 

Now you can take out the print and even share these files with others to hide or not reveal all pages.

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