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 If we ask that where does the GOOGLE gains its much traffic from then what would be your answer? You would prefer that may be from MOBILE or some would tell that may be from DESKTOP. But wait a while the answer would be more than what you are expecting and that is obviously from MOBILE but wait again because the more answer is that the 63% of all the GOOGLE SEARCH comes from mobile and the amount is growing with a very high speed every year.
     And the very large hint for INDEXING is that GOOGLE first index any web page to the MOBILE VERSION. With the help of that statistic GOOGLE announced in 2016 that the newly websites should be MOBILE FRIENDLY in top priority. After meanwhile GOOGLE also shifted that MOBILE FIRST INDEXING in 2018 which clearly defines that GOOGLE now uses the MOBILE VERSION for any webpage for INDEXING and RANKING.
  But every where there is some demerits and here is the demerit is that about 8 out of 10 viewers are still not satisfied with the displayed content because the page does not loads faster or the quality renders very much. likely to other language viewers would not even visit the site when the desktop version is loading because desktop version takes more time to load in the MOBILE DEVICES which viewers does not like and immediately hits the back button which is bad impact to the site.


   We can define the PAGESPEED by that when we click the webpage or link then the time taken to load the webpage is known as PAGESPEED and when the time is as less as it can be then the age would load faster and again this speed of loading the page impacts good to our website to make the viewer revisit our website. This factor is mostly responsible in the ranking factor to the desktop and mobile also.
 Again the question stands that why this should be done? And the answer is that GOOGLE want to give always better content and makes the viewer satisfied so that the viewer will again visit the website in future which is good for us and for our website. If the page loads so longer than the viewer will not hover again to the website.


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